We are a Greek company, located in the whereabouts of the Delphi valley, a location of extraordinary natural beauty and significant historical value, widely known for the ancient Oracle of Delphi and for the olive trees which spread across hundreds of hectares in the area. The unique location and the olive trees blend together in harmony.

Historical Value

The natural and ecological value of the olive valley has been acknowledged and the whole area has been put under the protection of the European Commission. It is worth noting that the olive tree constitutes one of the most ancient trees worldwide and the method of cultivation and collection of the olives has remained, more or less, the same throughout the centuries.


Our company has been operating exclusively on the sector of table olives since 1984. Our activities revolve around edible olive production projects such as: treatment, control and corrective interventions during the production and packaging phases, application of our innovative research technology on a range of new olive products and mediation control in commercial collaborations.


Our scientific training and decades of experience on any type of olives in the world and, especially, on the production of naturally treated olives (untreated olives, according to the global legislation) such as the famous Kalamata olives (traditional natural black olives that come in all sizes) in typical traditional and fresh-pack packages, offer us a special and unique place in the table olive business.